Mom tells me I was one of those toddlers that would get up in front of a band stand and ‘shake and dance’ to the music.   One of my first childhood memories is setting up chairs in the dining room for my folks and brother so I could sing to them and do my version of “Hound Dog”!!

I guess my folks saw that entertaining was ‘in my blood’…. …because they paid for six years of voice and elocution/drama lessons during my teen years.  

After a year of college I joined a local rock band, and toured the east coast for about a year.   After returning home and trying my ‘hand’ at comedy improve and local theater I was prompted to moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida area where I helped create the improvisational comedy group “The Funny Bones” and was as a featured vocalist with “Tony and His Girls” and traveled throughout southern Florida.

After returning to New York, I worked again as a “Top-40” pop band singer, and also was very involved in local musical theater. Highlights include working with The Sal Cannavo Band where sang as ‘myself’ and also created comedic singing characters, like “Tessie Tourra”, a buxom comedic vamp – and my own ‘take’ on Bette Midler.  I was also in the house band for The Tropicana Night Club and Restaurant in Lake George, NY where I was part of The Danny Lambardo Band, singing Top 40, Jazz Standards, and Broadway Hits. 


My favorite theatrical experience during that period, was portraying “Ella Peterson”, leading roll in the musical comedy Bells Are Ringing.

Following my move to Savannah,  I was inspired to sing more jazz standards and blues….and was thrilled to work with such renowned musicians as bassist  Ben Tucker and keyboardist Mojo Davis at various venues around Savannah including “Hard Hearted Hannah’s” and the DeSoto Hilton.












In the late 90’s I performed in England and throughout the UK with the “living voice of Al Jolson”, Clive Baldwin, in the stage review ‘Give My Regards to Jolson’.  With the stage name of “Georgia Dean” I sang in beautiful historic theaters throughout England, Wales, Scotland and even Northern Ireland.   I was featured in 15-minute solo segment in the first half of the show where I was backed by a full band and four chorus dancers!!  What an awesome time!!  And, as a part of the ensemble, I sang backup and was able to further hone my comedic skills….as a French accented ‘hussie’ – an overly ambitious, and flirty Spanish  senorita – and even a wild “Cotton Eye Joe” cowgirl.


During my time in England, between the road tours of ‘Give My Regards to Jolson’  I sang and entertained at a multitude of private social clubs throughout the northeastern towns and villages of England.   With my husband as sound engineer I using backing tracks to sing to, and in some venues I worked with live bands.  It was a great experience and I treasure the memories!

After returning to America with my British born ‘hubbie’, who is my guitarist, producer and sound engineer.


I am once again entertaining my American friends, old and new, in venues from restaurants to private living rooms, senior living centers, and local churches.